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Florida Accountable Care Services is very proud and extremely pleased to announce our selection on May 5th, 2013, by The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and the Harris Corporation to become a Node on the State of Florida Health Information Exchange (FHIE). After completing a thorough review of all respondents, Florida Accountable Care Services was selected amongst many applicants because of our shared belief in the FACS Team and its sheer wherewithal and leadership potential to contribute to the success of the Statewide Health Network for Florida.

The Florida HIE provides health care professionals with a timely, secure, and authorized way to exchange patient health information through two services. The Patient Look-Up and Delivery (PLU) service is a “network of networks” that brings existing provider networks together to provide a statewide information highway for Florida’s health care professionals. Information is queried for treatment purposes with patient consent. The Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) service is a secure email service that allows users to send and receive email messages and attachments containing a patient’s clinical data. DSM can be used for purposes of treatment, payment, and operations.

More specifically, DSM offers a more secure and efficient method for two-way communication and transmission of protected health information (PHI) than fax, phone, regular mail, or courier. The ability to electronically transmit patient records facilitates coordinated patient care; enhances communication between providers and facilities; and can reduce duplicate procedures, tests, and medications. DSM also supports meaningful use by enabling the electronic exchange of clinical information like Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) and referrals. The DSM Participant Directory contains a listing for every registered user that includes DSM address, physical address, and phone/fax numbers. The Participant Directory allows other users to search for individual providers or organizations by name and/or location. DSM sends automatic read receipts whenever a message you have sent is opened and provides notifications to your regular email upon receipt of a message in your DSM inbox.

The sharing of patient data through the PLU service will lead to better quality health care for Florida’s citizens and specifically our Patients. PLU facilitates patient care, diagnosis, and course of treatment; enhances communications between hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and referring physicians; and reduces orders for duplicate tests, procedures, and medications. Enabling health care providers to access clinical records from multiple sources at the point of care will reduce costs and improve health care outcomes for patients by giving providers the most up-to-date and complete medical record possible. Our partners, ACHA and the Harris Corporation are no strangers to such large scale projects as this one. ACHA as most of you know is Florida’s chief health policy and planning entity for the state. In March 2010, the Agency was notified that it was awarded $20.7 million in federal funding to be used over a four-year period for the purpose of supporting statewide HIE. Harris Corporation is an international communications and information technology company. Harris Healthcare Solutions has been awarded a four-year contract by Florida’s the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) to establish and run the Florida HIE.

Over the coming months ACHA, FACS, and Harris Corporation will be working closely together on the full scale implementation and roll out to all our Physicians, as well as integrate our connections with Physicians and Hospitals in Alabama and Georgia and additional states coming on board in the near future. This is a testament to the staff of FACS (Vikram Saini), Guardian Health Solutions (Pranam Ben), and our IT/Sales consultant (Don Smith) that this major opportunity was obtained. As the only ACO Organization awarded this honor, It also points to the good work that our staff and associates are capable of as well as the opportunities that are available in this newly emerging health care market.

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By Vikram Saini, JD, Florida Accountable Care Service
Published: June 17, 2013

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